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Player and Parent Expectations

LCC Field Rules

Eugene Timbers FC players, parents, and visitors need to follow the LCC Facility rules. Please take a look and follow those rules. LCC facility rules 2015


Eugene Timbers FC players and parents will conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner at all times when representing this club. This includes comments and actions towards teammates, opponents, referees, and coaches. See also Fan Guidelines.


ETFC players will exert maximum effort at every training session and match. If you aren’t willing to put in the effort, you shouldn’t be playing at this level.


Players are expected to attend and be on time to all scheduled training sessions and matches. If a player must be absent, he/she (not the parent!) must call the coach at least the day before and let him know of the upcoming absence. If a player must miss practice due to illness, the player must call the coach and at least leave a message before the commencement of practice. It is unacceptable to just not show up!

Practice habits

ETFC players are expected to arrive at practice and immediately start juggling a ball or passing with a teammate. Be focused and prepared to start practice on time! Players must wear their practice kits to every session.

Game day

Players are expected to arrive fully dressed and ready to play one hour before away games and 45 minutes before home games.


ETFC players are expected to maintain good academic standing and stay up-to-date on assignments. If a player is falling behind in their studies, please contact your coach. We are prepared to set up a monitoring program with your son/daughter’s teachers if the need is there.


Successful soccer players prepare themselves for competition more than just the hour before a training session or game. Players should eat a healthy meal with plenty of carbohydrates (non-fried foods) the evening before a match. Stay away from sugar treats as well! Players should eat a healthy meal on game day at least two hours before kickoff to avoid cramps. Again, avoid fried foods and sugar. Energy bars or other healthy light snacks are acceptable. Players also need to start hydrating 24 hours before a match. This means lots of water and/or sports drinks. No soda on game day!