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ETFC offers support to make club soccer affordable

  1. We have a generous standard payment plan for our families (example for U11-14). See all our payment plans.
  2. We do offer scholarships. Please read below details who is eligible and how to apply.
  3. Fee Reduction Program. ETFC staffs University of Oregon events (football, basketball, concerts and other events) and the proceeds are directly deposited in your player’s account. Please read below the details of the Fee Reduction Program and contact us if you want to participate at
  4. We also offer seasonal fundraisers.


Eugene Timbers FC offers scholarships based on financial need to qualified players on the club’s U10 through U18 soccer teams. Scholarship awards cover 20-60% of the player fee with the largest awards going to players whose family incomes qualify for federal free and reduced lunch programs. ETFC scholarships also include “matching” awards for credits earned in the club’s Fee Reduction Program.

Please hand in your scholarship application for the 2017-18 Season at latest by June 1, 2017. You can bring them to Tryouts or the Team formation meeting.

Information in Spanish:


Bienvenidos a Eugene Timbers Fútbol Club

Programa de Reducción

Players who try out for ETFC U10-18 teams are encouraged to apply for scholarships if their families meet either of the following criteria:

Qualification A:

  • Player’s family uses federal free or reduced lunch programs in area schools.
  • Requires a copy of the school districts free or reduced lunch verification form.

Qualification B:

  • Player’s family income is close to free or reduced lunch qualifications but the family does not apply for school lunch programs. For example, to qualify for a school lunch program, a family of four earns $29,055 (or less) for free lunch and $41,348 (or less) for reduced lunch.
  • Requires copy of federal tax return (page one only) for most recent year from all supporting parents or guardians.

To apply, please return a completed application form and the required verification documents -school lunch program acceptance form or federal tax return (page 1 only) as soon as possible.

We encourage players to mail scholarship applications 2017-18 application before tryouts begin. The application and required documents also may be handed in at tryouts or team formation meetings, or mailed in after tryouts. Later applications are considered if scholarship funds are still available.

The ETFC scholarship committee makes awards to qualified players after reviewing all applications confidentially. The award amounts are based on available funds and the number of applicants. Complete applications received before tryouts receive award information at or before the team formation meeting. Later applications receive answers within two weeks.

Parents will be notified as soon as the review process is completed. Applications received before tryouts will receive award information at or before the team formation meeting. Later applications will receive answers within two weeks.

Scholarship awards are credited to players’ accounts in two installments. Players receive 50% of the award after the required $100 deposit is paid and the remaining 50% after one payment and one Fee Reduction Credit are received.

All players receiving ETFC scholarships are required to fulfill the following:

  • Turn in a completed application and required verification or income tax document
  • Pay a required deposit ($100) within 2 weeks after joining a team
  • Make regular monthly payments or communicate alternative payment plan
  • Participate in at least one Fee Reduction Program opportunity

If you have any questions about ETFC scholarships, please contact Evon Smith at or phone her at (541) 343-4717 (days) or (541) 729-6065 (evenings).

2016-17 application

Fee Reduction Program

ETFC offers a Fee Reduction Program through a partnership with the University of Oregon Athletics. This fun-filled opportunity allows ETFC families to staff UO concessions for football, basketball and baseball games. The points earned are applied directly to your player’s account to ultimately reduce your club fees. One also has the option of designating their credit earned to the ETFC Scholarship Fund.

Read this great letter by Irene Martinez how the program works. ETFC Families-2016

U of O Concessions Coordinators:

U of O Football: Irene Martinez

U of O Basketball: Irene Martinez

This program consists of participating in the staffing of concession booths at UO venues. Duties include customer service, display of merchandise, and light food prep.

  • Time Commitment is 2-6 hours per sign-up, depending on event.
  • Parents, family, friends and U15 and older players are eligible to work.
  • Families can significantly reduce player account balances.
  • Over the last 3 years, the program has successfully helped families reduce their player fees/dues by over $60,000

So come out, reduce your fees, and meet new ETFC families in an enthusiastic environment.


Seasonal Fundraisers

ETFC Holiday 2017 Poinsettias and Wreaths

Dear Eugene Timbers Families,
I hope you are all enjoying the fall soccer season.  It is that time once again to start thinking of the upcoming holiday season and the perfect time to start our annual Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraiser.   As a club, we are again selling local Johnson Brothers Greenhouse Poinsettias (5 varieties) and Wreaths, they are absolutely beautiful and so easy to sell.  Your player can earn 30-40% on your sale back to their account!  It is such an easy way to help pay for soccer!
You can start selling right away,  you will find:

In addition to the plants and wreaths, we now have the option for discounted gift cards (nice stocking stuffers!).  I suggest printing off each sheet to show your neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me (not your managers) at or 541-688-3634.

Important things to know:
Cost of Poinsettias are $13, they are 6.5″pots and grow up to 2-3′ tall
Wreaths $20 are 21-23″ and are made up Noble fir with mixed greens (bows and cones 3$ extra)
We also have the option of both 2016 and 2017 gift cards.
All checks can be made out to Eugene Timbers Futbol Club (or ETFC).  PLEASE DO NOT TURN IN CASH WITH YOUR FINAL PAYMENT
All orders (with attached form) and monies will need to be collected by 10/29th, NO LATE ORDERS
Please send orders and monies to Jonna Leighton (either in person or via mail):
    2264 Lakeview Dr
    Eugene OR 97408
Pick up date will be Tuesday November 21th and 22nd at the above address.  It is important that you store/keep Poinsettias in an area that is warmer than 55 degrees, so please plan accordingly.

Thanks so much and happy selling!!!!!