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U15-18 Tryouts

ETFC High School Premier U15-U19 Tryouts for 2017-18 Season

We are very excited to announce our Eugene Timbers FC U15-U19 tryouts for the 2017-18 season. Our teams will be organized in accordance with the US Soccer mandate in the Birth Year. Please scroll down for find out details about the tryouts and then

Please register online for tryouts

Players born between 1-1-03 to 12-31-03 will tryout for U15 teams

Players born between 1-1-02 to 12-31-02 will tryout for U16 teams

Players born between 1-1-01 to 12-31-01 will tryout for U17 teams

Players born between 1-1-00 to 12-31-00 will tryout for U18 teams

Players born between 1-1-99 to 12-31-99 will tryout for U19 teams

If you are interested in Scholarships and Fundraising questions please click here.

ETFC Team Selections for U15-19 for the season 2017-18

Please confirm your roster spot with your coach. His/her e-mail is on the roster. Please read below all the steps you have to take care of so you can actually play. Please do take care of it immediately.

U15 girls:   U15 girls 03 Lyon Black

U15 girls:   U15 girls 03 Lyon Red

U15 boys:   U15 boys 03 Ajax Black

We rostered a small number on Ajax Black and will invite back all players listed. We expect a number of new and returning players to come to the supplemental tryouts in November. Please take a look at our website in late October to find out date, time and location for the tryouts.

U16 girls:   U16 girls ETFC 02 Force Black

U16 girls:   U16 girls ETFC 02 Force Red

U16 boys:   U16 boys ETFC 02 Dortmund Black

U17 girls:    U17 girls ETFC 01 Cypress Black

Players invited to the supplemental tryout in November will either be trying out for one of the 2-3 roster spots still available on Cypress or for a spot on the 00 Sol team. Any player who plans on attending the supplemental tryouts should contact Cypress Head Coach Joe Beeler in November prior to tryouts to inquire about which supplemental tryout to attend.

U17 boys:    U17 boys ETFC 01 Valencia Black

We rostered a small number on Valencia Black and invite all players back to a supplemental tryout in November. We intend to form two teams in the 2001 age group.

U17 boys:    ETFC-01-Valencia-Red

U18 girls:    U18 girls ETFC 00 Sol Black

We will hold a supplemental tryout in November. Players who will not make 2001 Cypress team can then tryout for 2ooo Sol team.

U18-19 boys:    ETFC-00-Rovers-Black

We will hold a supplemental tryout in November for the 2000 and 1999 boys. Please take a look at our website in late October to find out date, time and location for the tryouts.

U18-19 girls:    U19 girls ETFC 99 Athletica Black

For all rostered players, you need to follow up with the following steps:

  • Please e-mail or text your head coach whether you accept your roster spot.
  • If you are NEW to the club please send in a copy of your birth certificate. You can email it to :
  • Every player who still has an open balance from last season needs to pay it up. Every player needs to pay a $200 deposit. Without a deposit players will not be rostered. If you have handed in a scholarship application your deposit is only $100. Please fill out the payment plan high school U15-U18_2017-18 and send it back to the office at ETFC, PO Box 10914, Eugene, OR 97440
  • Send a head shot photo of your player to:         for their player card.
  • Please make sure to send in your scholarship application immediately. Scholarship applications handed in later than December 10, 2017 will not be accepted.
  • If you don’t have yet a uniform, please go to Direct Kick and order your uniform immediately. Please check with the manager of your team what number is available.

If you have questions about club soccer please consult our  High School Premier U15-18 soccer program.

Please see below to find out when each age and gender group will tryout.  Please register online for the tryouts here.