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ETFC Concussion Policy

Hello ETFC players and families, over the last few years concussions have been recognized as one of the most common injuries in several contact sports. After football, soccer and basketball are one of the major risk sports to suffer a concussion. Over the last few years, ETFC coaches have attended concussion training clinics put together by one of the experts in our area, Dr. Michael Koester from Slocum. A new law has been passed by the 2013 Oregon legislature that imposes requirements for clubs and coaches. ETFC will follow the Oregon Youth Soccer Association recommended Concussion protocol. Please read the following protocol carefully.


For ETFC Coaches:

The new law requires all coaches to receive concussion education each year. ETFC coaches have done this already and will continue to do so. Coaches are required to take the following online course annually.

Please go online at

ETFC Coaches will have to RECOGNIZE concussions, REMOVE athletes, AND REFER to a primary care professional. In order to help with this process all ETFC coaches will have the following documents with them at all ETFC practices and games.