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Eugene Timbers Fútbol Club Partners with Oregon Medical Group Physical Therapy

The Eugene Timbers Fútbol Club (ETFC) has recently announced its partnership with Oregon Medical Group Physical Therapy to offer injury prevention and sports performance enhancement services to ETFC athletes. Please read more about the partnership in the ETFC press release.

All our families can contact the PT department directly with any questions. Parent, players, coaches, if you have questions about musculoskeletal injuries, hydration, nutrition, injury prevention, does my child need to come in?,etc, please contact OMGs physical therapists at

One of our coaches currently works for OMG and so we can use him as a point of contact. David Holte works with our ETFC 2006 Bayern Red team as an assistant coach. The quickest way is to email (  or call David (319) 621-4297 and get the player’s parents in touch with him so he can directly contact them and get them in as quickly as possible.

Coaching clinics will enhance our ability to prevent injuries and enhance performance.

Please check out this video about the high number of ACL injuries in the female population by Dr. Alec Fedorov, M.D. at Oregon Medical Group. 

Here is a very good article on the Landing Errror Score System (LESS) that was submitted by Therapeutic Associates from OMG. And here is one on Hamstring injuries. And another very interesting piece on concussions. Here is one on Injury prevention. If you are interested in the FIFA 11 and FIFA 11+ Workbook here they are:


The main goal of the Dynamic Warm Up is to improve the athlete’s biomechanical control and muscular activity of the lower extremity. This goal can be achieved through not only repetition, but also good performance during repetition. Here are some key points to keep in mind to achieve good performance during the routine.

  • Land softly
  • Knees stay in good alignment with the feet and hips
  • Control! Probably the most important. Almost all moves during the routine require control of the landing prior to repeating

If the athletes can achieve these three things consistently, they will begin to form motor patterns allowing them to move better and prevent injuries.

Here is another nice selection of exercises for warm up/agility, core/hip strength, plyometrics , and stretching. These selection was designed specifically for our girls teams.

In the link below you can watch through the exercises in short video clips to ensure proper form.