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Referee Education

 Eugene Timbers FC Referee Information

The Eugene Timbers FC recognizes that competent referees contribute to a positive player experience. The Club further recognizes through refereeing, many other youths can participate in and enjoy this game. As a result, the Club takes these steps to recruit, train and retain referees.
  • Referees are recruited via the Club website, e-mails, mailings to current and past players, and announcements in the local media.
  • the Club works with the Oregon Referee Committee to promote and recruit referees.
  • The Board of Directors and coaches work to make refereeing a positive experience. Abuse of referees by players, parents or coaches is not tolerated.

If you want to become a referee please check out the information on this website.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a soccer referee. Lane County Soccer Referees is hosting a USSF Grade 8 course at Junction City High School, Friday October 13, 9:00-6:00. Yes it’s a Friday but it’s the statewide teacher in-service day so no school! We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to earn the certification that qualifies you to work most games in the country.

The course at JCHS is taught by a Spanish-English speaking retired school principal—an experienced teacher with years of high-level referee experience.

Earning a U.S. Soccer Referee badge gives you access to all the training provided by U.S. Soccer. It provides the opportunity to advance, to work higher and higher games. Registration includes insurance. And the pay is better too.

To register for the course go to Click on Training, then click Course Listings. A list of available courses appears. At the top is Grade 8 Referee Junction City; click on More Info. Everything you need to register will appear.

The course costs only $40. Added to that is your 2018 badge and registration fee for $45.  (All referees pay an annual registration fee. I pay a $95 fee, and I’m sort of retired!) It’s all well worth.

So, how can I help you become a referee? Call or text (541.285.0819) or e-mail me any time 24/7.

LCSRA needs you. Referees can earn much needed extra cash while serving the game we all love. Please register for the Grade 8 course today.

Thank you!

Please check on the Oregon Soccer Referee site all the details.