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Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training

Eugene Timbers FC recognizes that the position of Goalkeeper is a specialty position with specific requirements beyond that of a field player. Beginning with our U10 Academy the development of players who show an interest in goalkeeping is managed through weekly training sessions that focus on age appropriate aspects of goalkeeping. Moving forward in to the competitive ages of U11-U18 our Goalkeepers attend an age and skillset appropriate training session with GK training staff once per week in addition to their normal team training sessions. Our Goalkeeper specific training sessions are managed by licensed coaches who specialize in the Goalkeeping position.
We consider that a Goalkeepers ability to impact a game requires them to be a well rounded soccer player with the same skill set and game awareness as all field players. While we certainly look to teach our young keepers the most effective techniques and functional aspects of shot stopping, we place a heavy emphasis on the Goalkeepers ability to play as a field player and help their team keep the ball in possession, play out the back, solve the varied types of pressure they will see from the opponent and look for moments for quick counter attacks. We also teach our Goalkeepers how to manage team shape based on the type of pressure on the ball, which team is in possession and where the ball is located on the field. Basically, we view the Goalkeeper as a field player who has the added responsibility of shot stopping and leading the team by communicating important defensive adjustments to deny the opponent opportunities on goal.


Current Training Schedule:



U11-12 Boys and Girls GKs   4:30-5:45pm at LCC soccer field

U13-14 Boys and Girls GKs   6:00-7:15pm at LCC soccer field


GK Head coach:      Joe Beeler
GK coaching staff: