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Youth Premier (ages 11-14)

About this Program

Eugene Timbers FC seeks to provide an organized, meaningful, and exciting soccer experience for each of our youth premier age players and teams.

ETFC places a high premium on individual technical training. Technical training and building the confidence to use the technical skills in games is an integral part of the ETFC youth premier program. In proper sequence ETFC coaching staff trains its players in all areas of the game—technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Speed and agility plays an important role in our curriculum. Speed and agility training becomes not only a tool to help our players become faster and more mobile, it also becomes an important injury prevention tool.

Our teams participate in a statewide multi level Oegon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) leagues in which they are seated based on performance. ETFC believes that good competitions makes better teams and helps individual players to get better.

Annual Calendar

Every year in May ETFC will hold open Youth Premier tryouts for U11 to U14 teams. Once accepted on a team, each player will participate in the team formation meeting in which each team’s specific tournament and summer program will be presented. There is a general club calendar but each team might have slight variations based on selected tournaments. Starting with the 2016-17 Season, our teams will be organized in their birth year according to the new US Soccer mandate.

Typically, youth teams start practice shortly after tryouts and train two times a week for about a month. Teams will take some time off in June so families can plan their vacation appropriately. The month of July and early August will be dedicated to prepare for summer tournaments and the fall league. Teams will train two times a week and attend at least two or three tournaments in Oregon or Washington. Typically these tournaments are used to prepare our teams appropriately for the fall league. At the end of the summer, our teams will take two weeks off before the fall season starts.

The training for the Fall league begins in the last week of August and league play starts typically in the first weekend of September. In the Portland Timbers and Thorns leagues we will have home games at Lane Community College. Away games are typically in Portland. All our teams will participate in one statewide tournament appropriate to their skill level. Most of our teams will play a Oregon state cup tournament in April but some teams will play the OYSA Presidents Cup which is a tournament for teams that will not participate in the state cup.

All our teams will have some maintenance training between mid November and early February. We encourage our players to play indoor but it is not part of our club program. In February training will resume and in March our teams will play an 8 game spring league. The spring season is typically over at the beginning of April. Teams participating in the State Cup will continue to practice and play for the month of April until they reach the finals of state cup in early May.

In early to mid-May the next tryout is held to form the next age group.

U14 Specific

This age group is a transitional year for the players because it is their last year in the Youth Program before they go to their respective High Schools. ETFC pays specific attention to this transition by preparing players throughout their U14 year to adapt to a bigger more physical play. In addition, ETFC offers a summer program for these players since they will not participate in the May Youth Tryouts. The U14 team will sit together with their coach at the end of the spring season and determine a training and tournament schedule for the summer. See special fee structure for this summer program.

Fees and Other Expenses

Annual fees: Tuition for the youth premier program is $1195 per player. That covers all of the following:

  • Coaching (May-April)
  • Field Rental (Practice and Games)
  • Speed and Agility training
  • Equipment (cones, pennies, etc.)
  • Player Cards
  • Fall and Spring League Registration
  • State/Directors Cup Tournament Registration

More than you can afford? No worries. Learn about our scholarship and fundraising programs

Uniforms: In addition, each player needs to purchase a full uniform. This costs roughly $200 to $225 and includes:

  • 2 pairs of Adidas shorts
  • 2 adidas jerseys
  • 2 pairs of Adidas socks
  • Adidas jacket with printing
  • Adidas sweatpant
  • Adidas backpack (optional)

ETFC uniforms are available at the Direct Kick Soccer Shop in Eugene.

Tournament fees: Players will pay additional fees for tournaments other than the State/Presidents Cup. ETFC teams attend additional tournaments during the soccer year. These tournaments provide a high level of competition in and out of state, expose our teams to college coaches, and offer a way for our teams to spend time off the field with each other. With guidance from the Director of Coaching, our head coaches select these tournaments with appropriate level of competition, affordability, and availability of players in mind. ETFC will bill all attending players at the conclusion of these tournaments for the following costs: Please read carefully to find out how we determine tournament costs.

Tournaments in WA and/or OR: ~$50-$100

  • Tournament Registration Fee
  • Coaches Hotel Costs
  • Coaches Fee
  • Coaches Per Diem

Payment schedule: All players must pay a mandatory $200 deposit at the team formation meeting after tryouts in May. Families can pay in full, follow a standard payment plan, or come up with an ETFC sanctioned family payment plan. Eugene Timbers FC also offers fundraising for families and has limited fee scholarships available to qualified players. Fees can be paid in installments. Click here to go to Payment plans.

Scholarships and fundraising: Financial aid is available for low-income athletes. In addition, all players are welcome to participate in the club’s fundraising opportunities, which can earn credit to offset some or all of the player’s fees. Learn more about scholarships and fundraising